Customs Agency Services

Stefar Gmbh is offering Customs Agency services
in Germany: Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Pomellen, Frankfurt, Holland: Rotterdam and Belgium: Antwerp.

    • Customs release in the European ports as well airports (including the port costs like A-18)
    • Export and import customs clearance – in the Atlas system
    • Fiscal representation – the fiscal clearance of your goods which gives the opportunity to make final customs clearance of the goods in one of EU states and pay VAT in your country even your company is not registered for tax purposes in Germany
    • Phytosanitary and veterinary certificates, including transport to the control place
    • Issuing T1 to the final destination, including customs guarantee
    • Issuing B-number which is needed for export of goods by sea from German ports
    • Issuing TIR and ATA Carnet
    • INTRASTAT documentation for German Statistics Authorities